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Información de Duirwaigh Gallery

Amoreno is a man inspired by the Mythic. His lush visions and waking dreamscapes have haunted and thrilled collectors for over a decade. Praised for his stunning use of light and languid subject matter, Amoreno has long painted in the tradition of the Old Masters and proven himself a new one.
Part poet, part relic, Amoreno has become a romantic archeologist: His paintings are the archeological excavations that at once reveal treasures from the past and breathtaking inspirations for the future. Solitude, hope, meditation, poignancy and heartbreaking beauty are all a part of the timelessness Amoreno envokes in each work. 'We all have a cross to bear. But most people forget about the resurrection.
Life is my cross. Painting is my Ressurection.' Having enamored collectors in Paris, London, New York and San Paolo, Amoreno's paintings now reside with Duirwaigh Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia. In an effort to share and expand his romantic vision with passionate collectors worldwide, Duirwaigh now offers a selection of his fine art images on an assortment of elegant products.



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