Friday, June 17, 2005

Vlastimil Kula

Vlastimil Kula

Born 22nd of May 1950 in Plzen, Czechoslovakia, Vlastimil Kula atended Basic and secondary school in the best Bohemia town, Cheb, in 1968.

Taking advantage of the loosened travel restrictions of the Czechoslovak communist government, Vlastimil visited England, Canada and the USA and travelled and worked in odd jobs such as a miner in Sadbury, Ontario, and as a waiter in New York City and Miami Beach, USA.

After de compulsory return to Czechoslovakia following the Soviet invasion he worked in the theatre and studied art photography at the Prague Academy of Arts. Thanks to his previous exposure to freedom, he became a man destined for a permanent clash with the behaviour of the unfree society he was forced to live in.
The mainstream of Czechoslovak society represented for him a challenge, and he opposed his society fully!

At the University rather than do “art” under the supervision of the regime’s cultural commissions, he concentrated on the themes of religion and later gave full and complete devotion to the capitalistic “alien” of the communists---advertising!

In the years following the 1989 Velvet Revolution which brought the ensuing political liberation, advertising lost its rebellious qualities, and Vlastimil naturally progressed through his return to art photography. His philosophy as been to face those “erotic” photography represented an excellent opportunity to “make a difference”.

In the photographic arts there is a “virgin landing strip” parallel to the pornography borderline. The reason? In that genuine photography can only be realistically descriptive, it is a “minefield” at the same time. Thrills and the gains are rare events!

Trough printers ink fragrant monography published by Taschen he emerges as victorious combatant bringing to the world a costly pray of is noble struggle.



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