Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Marc Blackie

Marc Blackie

Información de Flux Europa

Marc Blackie is a photographic artist specialising in erotic nude photography centreing on tne stylish intersection of goth looks and fashion with fetishism and bondage.
Marc was born in 1975 and lives and works in London. Besides his photographic pursuits, Marc is a singer and song-writer in the music group, Sleeping Pictures.
Exploiting the natural curvature of the female form and deep Film Noir shadows, Marc produces stunning images capturing the sensual beauty of his models. Marc's nude studies are intensely intimate, projecting strong individual character as well as a frank eroticism.
Marc's hard-edged black-and-white images appeal strongly to Art Deco sensibilitities. Given the gothic slant and the element of sado-masochism, one could also speculate about the combination of Eros and Thanatos and the implication of Vanitas, but as Marc himself hinted when I tried to probe his understanding of his audience, the main reason people like his pictures is because they're sexy. So I'll abandon the banal attempt to intellectualise, and leave you simply to enjoy them.



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