Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Stephen Haynes

Stephen Haynes

Información de Fine Art

Stephen Haynes is a fine art photographer living in Minneapolis, MN. He comes relatively late to full-time devotion to the photographic arts, but has compensated by the intensity of his work. While his principal subject currently is the fine art nude, he has also done notable work in landscapes, travel scenes, portraiture and the performing arts.
About his art he says: “I am largely self-taught. Even without much formal training, I try to produce photos and prints of high esthetic quality, to exacting technical standards. With the female nude, I always seek new settings, lighting and poses in which to present the human form. In travel, I hope to photograph either from special vantage points or at a unique moment in time. Form and structure often triumph over grand vistas or photos that will appeal to an ‘art show’-type clientele. My portraiture work has usually been done on-location; I prefer to stay away from formal studio portraiture.



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