Monday, February 27, 2006

Julius Zimmerman

Julius Zimmerman

Información de la Wikipedia.

Julius Zimmerman is a cartoonist and graphic artist who is best known for his 9,000+ file series of erotic cartoon images. His works are normally done in pencil on plain white stock paper, but coloured pencils and different shades of paper are also used. While the originals are produced for sale, digital versions are frequently posted and reposted in erotica themed newsgroups and other forms of file sharing.
The central subjects are female cartoon characters portrayed with exaggerated physical features, such as extremely large breasts. Favourite subjects include Jessica Rabbit, Snow White, Kim Possible, Annie Fanny, Lara Croft, and Tinkerbell, but dozens of different characters have been depicted.
In December 1998, he published his first book (through Amerotica in the United States and Hushion House in Canada) titled, "Blind Squirrel". It is currently out of print. A second book was planned, but never came to fruition.



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