Monday, June 05, 2006

Lisa Alisa

Lisa Alisa

Lisa Alisa

Lisa Alisa es una ilustradora neoyorkina que trabaja la violencia con un cierto aspecto pop-art e inspiraciones niponas.

Lisa Alisa's Art is metaphoric self biography at it's core. All the girls in the paintings carry close resemblance to the author.Her art has stirred up controversy on a number of occasions. Some critisize violence, and others are appaled by the young age of the models. To which Lisa replies:Life is a violent and beautiful thing, you die from it. My art is nothing but a portrayal of everyday life. Every person has to do things they don't like. There is very little actual freedom in our existence, due to social and economical restraints. Your soul, which is a young child forever, is exposed to suffering and anguish, whether you accept it or not. My art explores the depth of horror, dreams of nonchalance, and aims to bring a catharsis.



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