Friday, February 06, 2004

Doug Heslep

Doug Heslep

"Upon moving to Fort Myers, Florida in late 1988, I opened my commercial andfashion photography/graphic design studio known as Heslep Productions, Inc. Even though I have enjoyed a successful commercial studio servicing a broadrange of clientele, my most heartfelt desire has always been to be recognized inthe same realm of the most elite of fine artists... photographic, or otherwise. So for years, ongoing and dedicated, in the spare time my business andpersonal life would allow, I have pursued this quest, my need to create.
The first exhibition of my fine art was in 1991 as part of a multi-artist Gallery Exhibit at Sanibel Harbour Resort and Spa in Fort Myers, Florida.
Due to pursuing my commercial studio, thirteen years later came my next.
I have captured many artistic images since that first show, trying to bediversified with what I do create. The Doug Heslep Fine Art Collection hasbeen "works in progress" for a very long time, much longer thanthat first show in 1991... and the journey isn't over yet."



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