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Raymond Ellstad

Raymond Ellstad
Raymond Ellstad

Raymond Ellstad es un artista norteamericano que se dedica principalmente al área de las caricaturas. Este sentido del humor que necesita para hacer su trabajo se refleja también en sus fotografías y en su texto de presentación. Dejo un pequeño fragmento:
"Growing up absurd, living life without a goal as a surf rat, he soon enough found himself touring southeast Asia at the behest of your government and returning to the fair shores of southern California, just over a year later, glad to be alive and shocked that everyone didn't love him and blamed him personally for the folly of the ruling class in the 60's."
Información de Dancing Brush.

San Diego, California Caricature Artist Raymond Ellstad (as has been stated elsewhere in these pages) was born under a rusty sign on the Island of Staten, in New York, which is actually the borough of Richmond, so you might and could say that he is from New York, N. Y. This was on a brain cloudy day in 1946.
He has lived a desultory life, but the aspect germane to our quest of discovering the whereness of his art breath, is that he attended the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland Oregon (then known as the Museum Art School), and the Oregon School of Arts and Crafts. In him resides a major talent with a middle brow mind.
Raymond can be and sometimes IS entertaining, which he perceives is currently the nature of your business and would love to entertain you and your guests at your next major or minor event.



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