Friday, June 25, 2004

Markus Richter

Markus Richter

Mark was born 1966 in Germany to an old family of artists. His Greatest joy when growing up was to paint and to play with his grandfather´s old Rolleiflex cameras.
After leaving shool he completed training in photo engraving and worked as a draughtsman for a cloth printing company. After his duty in the military, he undertook studies at the Education Centre for Digital Media in Karlsruhe. The city pleased him so much that he has remained there to this day.
“I had my first work experiences in industry, which I did not like at all. He worked for several advertising agencies as an excellent designer & photographer. In Time, photography became his passion. He demonstrates an intense, personal and profoundly perception. Using an exqusite, essentially romantic pictorial language he remains at the same time always formally correct and with perfect focus on the aesthetics of black and white photography.
This combination of strong artistic discipline with a very personal and intimate vision gives the images a unique and powerful emotional charge, producing body landscapes full of intimate surprises. Marks Anglo-American focus made him a famous artist in the United States & United Kingdom and he became one of the top contemporary photographers.



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