Monday, August 16, 2004

Robyn Swank

Robyn Swank

Wicked Swank is a company run by Robyn Von Swank. She produces many forms of art, mainly Photography and Cabinets of Curiosities as well as different forms of design. Many aspects of Filmmaking are also of interest to her.
Robyn Von Swank grew up in Victoria, BC, Canada and still currently resides there. From a young age she has always been obsessed with documenting the world around her and ever since she can remember she has had a camera in her hands, or they were busy with making various art projects; sculpting, designing houses and furniture, puppetry, makeup, fashion design, cooking, as well as anything else she could creatively get her little hands on. She wrote her first rock musical with her cousin at age 5. At the age of 9 she promised not to watch TV for a year and her awesome parents bought her a video camera. From then on all she ever did was record little movies and fake commercials. Then she hit puberty and it kind of went in strange directions. But let's skip that. Robyn found her creativity again at age 17 in the form of a 35 mm camera. She began to develop her own film and realized there was something there, so ridden by insomnia, she found Photoshop and merged the two medias to create what she does today. Her friends became her models, and thanks to them, it has allowed her to explore perfect still worlds in each individual photograph.
Robyn is also totally awesome, trust me.



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