Monday, February 21, 2005

Jean Jacques André

André Jean Jacques

Jean Jacques André

"Born in 1932, raised and educated in Marseilles, I was seven or eight years old when my first fascination with women began. I was obliged to attend the Opera on Sunday afternoons until the age of twelve, quite an ordeal but the ballet, for me, was a true miracle. There, were beautiful creatures, women who could not exist in this world, floating angels from another dimension. I was in love with them all!

By 1954 I began my career as a photographer. Where I was living, I had no access to examples of photomontages, but at least I could find some of the best work from the Masters of the period. Among them was Peter Basch with his dynamic and action nudes, the sensitive work of John Rawlings, and a rare edition of the superb Betty Biehn who was probably the first fashion model to be photographed nude by the great names in fashion photography: Fernand Fonssagrives, Philip O. Stearns, Frederic Smith, and others. In spite of this isolation, my early works were well received in photo salons and publications abroad."



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