Monday, December 12, 2005

Paul Bolk

Paul Bolk
Paul Bolk
Paul Bolk

Información de Michelle 7.

Paul Bolk is a professional photographer working in St. Michielsgestel, Holland. He is an accomplished portraitist as well as being a highly acclaimed erotic photographer. His work explores themes as varied as couples, children, animals, nude portraits, classic figure studies, and maternal portraiture.
Paul works with Hasselblad and Contax cameras at his studio in the Netherlands. His classical work is absolutely astounding. It is so well composed and crafted. His subjects seem as ethereal beings, like perfectly formed angels radiating beauty. The sensual attributes inherent to much of his work is undeniable but is created and presented in such a beautiful and respectful manner that is stirs the mind as much as ones body. This is definitely one artist to watch closely.



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