Wednesday, November 23, 2005

David Nitsche

Dave Nitsche first picked up a camera 20 years ago. That statement is a bit misleading because his first journey into photography only lasted 6 months. Having always been involved in the arts (guitarist, graphic designer, web developer) he had an outlet for his thoughts and emotions. Career changes and life put him in a place where he had never been before. The outlet that was always available was not present any more. So 18 years since he had sold his Canon A1 he decided to try photography again and bought his first digital camera. That was May 15th 2002.

Dave's goal from the beginning was to merge human emotion into non human environments using what ever 'stuff's' (mannequins, glass, guns, fire, etc.) necessary and in the process to be as original as possible. His images are steeped in expressionism but they cover so many catagories that it is hard to place them in just one. The pieces have been admired and praised by critics, photographers, artists and the public in general (through shows, publications and galleries) for their ability to conjure feelings in people that are very deep, very personal and usually reserved for living things.

The scope of Dave's work does not stop at conceptualism or expressionism. He is a fan of all types of imagery and is quite fond of moving from style to style. He has included all forms of images here for you to view. Enjoy his images and vision.



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