Friday, August 11, 2006

Ed Mironiuk

Ed Mironiuk is cocooned in coastal New Jersey with his wife and two chihuahuas. He has been the illustrator for Tattoo Magazine for the past eleven years and also creates work for everything from Marquis to the Genitorturers. When not illustrating the inked he feeds the creative monkey on his back liberal doses of lowbrow art, fetish mags, japanese culture, and dirty pictures.
PUBLISHING LIST: Paisano Publications, Tattoo Magazine, Tattoo Savage, Easyriders, VQ, Tattoo Flash, A Magazine, Tattoo Insider, Inked, Secret, Frontiers Newsmagazine, Apocalipstick, Lollipop, Equus Eroticus, Cartattoos, Blue Blood, Marquis, Chaos Comics, Eros Ezine, Flaunting It, Altporn, Fleshbot, 3xl, Devolution Magazine, Dark's Art Parlour, Mission Control, Draculina Publishing, Drawing Blood, Fringeware Review, World of Fandom, Lobotomy, The Genitorturers



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