Monday, March 19, 2007

Zhong Biao

Zhong Biao

Información de la Galeríe Albert Benamou

Zhong Biao is one of the most unusual and modern figures among the Chinese contemporary artists working today.

Born in 1968 in Chongqing, he studied art at the fine arts academy in Hangzhou, then became a professor at the Sichuan academy of fine arts. At just 35, this artist has already established an internationally recognized career, showing his work not only in China but also in museums and art galleries around the world, from London, Brussels, and Amsterdam to Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, and Bangkok.

His work, extremely avant-garde, questions notions of time in China today, and focuses on the country’s rapidly advancing transformation, whether economic, architectural, esthetic, or emotional--rapid changes that intrigue, excite, and stimulate most contemporary Chinese artists. Zhong Biao’s works address the resulting blend of Asian and Western cultures, and the adjustment this metamorphosis forces upon the young generation.

His paintings utilize the flawless pictorial techniques of the classical beaux-arts academies with great virtuosity, so that they border on Hyperrealism. His canvases present figurative, narrative scenes, where the protagonists, like beings from another planet, are propelled into a world in utter transformation.



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