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Tim Hall

Tim HallTim Hall

Tim Hall

Tim Hall, a British Fine Art Photographer based in London, specializes in portraits, landscapes and seascapes. His work is of the highest standard and is of museum quality. Tim‘s sensitive and often-spiritual depictions compels supporters and art enthusiasts to note, “As arresting as Tim Hall‘s photographs are to viewers today, it is safe to say that they will affect a future generation with even greater power”.
Tim Hall, a graduate of the University of Manchester, began his career as staff photographer for the London based, Redferns Music Picture Library. His images of jazz and rock musicians including the greats Miles Davis and Prince have appeared in magazines, books and newspapers throughout the world.
During the 1990s, Tim lived and worked in Southeast Asia where he photographed numerous books on countries in the region with a strong focus on Indochina. These publications include such bestsellers as Cambodia: A Portrait and Back to Mandalay. During his sojourn in the region, Tim photographed the indigenous people of the area and developed a style of photography in the tradition of Irving Penn. These romantic and often insightful portraits that capture the nostalgic mood of a bygone era can be seen in his Golden Faces and Hanoi People series.
In 1997, Tim shot a cross-section of Hong Kong society to mark the end of British rule. The Hong Kong People Collection was exhibited around the world to great acclaim.
In 2003, Tim journeyed to India, where he worked on an exhibition series entitled Pilgrimage. These pictures follow the life of the inhabitants of Varanasi, capturing remarkable scenes of worshippers in the river Ganges during the Lunar Festival and striking portraits of the dwellers of this ancient city.
Tim recently made a move into landscape photography whilst on a trip to Morocco. His Dune Collection captures the sensuality of the shifting sands at dawn in the Sahara desert
The Coast Collection, Tim Hall‘s latest project, depicts images of seascapes and beach scenes throughout England and is very close to the artist‘s heart. The series embodies his life‘s work thus far. The feel and mood portrayed within this work has reverberated with his supporters striking an emotional chord, describing them as both sensitive and powerful.
Tim Hall‘s work is sold in top galleries worldwide and is available as limited edition prints, each signed, numbered and dated. Institutions and art collectors worldwide have bought his work.



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