Monday, March 29, 2004

Alexander Paulin

Alexander Paulin
Alexander Paulin

Alexander Paulin was born 1967 in Kiel (Germany) and photograph since his 14 birthday. In the middle of the 90s he begin with the nude photography. With his internet publication in 1999 the popularity grews more and more.
His popularity grows with the nude photography, but his photography repertoire is much greater than some people knows. Art, stills, stock and travel-photography. That he produce for his picture agency, or direct for the customer, as professional, - free photodesigner.
He has publication for example in PLAYBOY, FHM, Max, Stern, Fit-For-Fun, Maxim, Photographie, many books, calendars and photomagazins see press. Till 2003 he sold his high quality works in the online shop worldwide : New York, Chicago, Bangkok, Budapest, Madrid, Paris, London, Brüssel, Berlin, Alabama, Michigan, Wisconsin, Canada and Moskau.



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