Monday, March 08, 2004

Mélanie Delon

Circus Eskarina

Mélanie Delon

Ilustradora digital francesa que a parte de su página personal también mantiene el blog de Eskarina Circus.

"Born in 1980 (in france, so excuse me for my very bad english ^^), and as far as i can remember i have always drawn... but on paper. I studied archeology and history of arts, then I went to a gamedesign school (for 2 years), which just was not my thing. I discovered Photoshop last year, since then i have became addicted to it. All subjects are interest, they just have to talk to me,but fantasy and dreamy subjects are my favourite's. Having fun doing them is the most important thing to me :) Besides painting, I am a fervent science-fiction and heroic-fantasy reader (P.K Dick, Tolkien, Zelazny, Pratchett...), i love movies ( Lord of the Rings, Star Wars Saga,...), playing video games and spending time with my friends and family."



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