Monday, August 23, 2004

Rebecca Tillett

Rebecca Tillett

"I'm a very basic human being. Twenty-four years old; gender, female. An only child born of an Aussie and a Yankee raised in the New Mexico desert, finding solace and escaping regularly to my imagination. My dad and I had a rough relatiomship (as was true with him and many others) and he committed suicide when I was 16 before I had the chance to repair said relationship. Ask anybody close to me and they'll confess that that is my largest piece of emotional baggage - and they're not kidding when they say I reluctantly lurch forward with that dragging behind me.
And if it isn't already obvious I tend to be poetic in my writing as I love sounding more glamorous and interesting than I really am. Hey, noone likes a bore, right?
I'm currently living in Colorado with my 'boyfriend' (that term doesn't seem right to me, anymore) of almost seven whole years with our two kitty cats Frodo and Blue. Part of me is so ready to be conventional; get married and have lots of cute-as-a-button babies living happily ever after but the 13 y/o in me is begging that I have mercy on her soul; pleading with her mom for tickets to the Bush show coming to town (with Veruca Salt, no less!) and later writing in her journal about life's shortcomings and how "20" seems so far away and oh, so old.
Yep, that's me. Twenty-four? Whose twenty-four?
But you probably couldn't possibly care less. I'll get on with it. I graduated highschool in 2001 (5 gigantic years ago, gasp!) and graduated with my Associate Degree in Digital Graphics in 2003. Caught up in the romantic notion of school and "doing what you love" I attempted my Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design and Photography at New Mexico State. It didn't take me long to decide that I hated it. Most of the teachers I encountered were stuffy, ego-driven and unhelpful and the majority of "art-projects" assigned did little to further me as an artist in addition to a well-rounded individual. Basically, it was busy work and I wasn't in the mood to waste my time.
As of today, I have yet to finish my Bachelor's but sincerely hope to see it through sooner than later, I hope. Until then I'll continue to create as it drives me and is just one of those little things that makes me happy and life worth living. I hope you enjoy my work and very much appreciate you taking an interest."



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