Monday, October 04, 2004

Rikki Kasso

Rikki Kasso

Rikki Kasso Born on December 18, 1979 in Brooklyn, New York. The self titled “Aesthetic Engineer's” works as an artist include photography, painting, drawing, film and music. As a fashion designer, Kasso produces several labels such as: Kasso CSTM, and Kasso for Kasso. His clothing collection is handled in SOHO, New York, and in Japan, represented by the prestigious fashion showroom Diptrics Inc. Kasso also shows live art performances at various events and exhibitions. In 2003, Kasso launched his production studio, Samaritan Studios of Aesthetic Engineering (S.S.A.E.), in New York and Tokyo. In 2005 Rikki opens Suite 16 Gallery and office in Shibuya, Tokyo as well as produces and directs the feature film “Somewhere in the Middle” to premiere in 2006. Currently, Rikki Kasso is based both in New York and Tokyo.

Clients include: *Absolut Vodka / TBWA Paris- (2005 international campaign documentary photographs *Trace Magazine NY,UK, FR- Absolut Campaign special feature photographs *Vogue Nippon-Illustration *Brutus Magazine- New York Issue cover illustration *Uslu Airlines Cosmetics- Art Direction and illustration at Colette, Paris *Fine Artisan Water- Art Direction, Advertising Director, photography, Image Consultant *CA4LA- Art Direction and illustration for hat designs *And A- “Face of the People” limited edition book of illustration artwork and photographs *Richardson Magazine- Photography art *Salem Cigarettes- Photography *K-Swiss- Illustrated Advertisement *Converse- Art Installation for anniversary exhibit *Casio Cameras- Exilm Promotion *Levis-Art Direction for Exhibition *Commons and Sense- Illustration and Photography *Nylon Magazine- Illustration, Photography and writing *Dazed and Confused Japan- photograph advertorial for Calvin Klein *Naked Magazine- “Aoi Sora” limited edition book of illustrations and photographs *Ryuko Tsushin- Illustration for Martin Margela *Studio Voice- Photography and Art Direction *Abahouse International-Art Direction and Illustration design for collector’s edition *Dazed and Confused- approved illustrator and photographer



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