Friday, December 10, 2004

Jean Sebastien Rossbach

Jean Sebastien Rossbach

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Not only an illustrator, not really a photographer, not exactly a painter, maybe a graphic designer, absolutely shameless, sometimes unlawful? JS is a self-taught artist who gives birth to a multi-faceted creature made of fetichism, poetry, mythology, psychology. His art explores the different countries of an (nearly) exclusively feminine aesthetism. Women are omnipresent in his imagery. He likes to say that the body of a woman is the perfect tool to express something darker, something from his mind he fears that wouldn't find acceptance without some sort of sex-appeal.
As a photographer and a designer he is active in the musical industry with a tendency to serve artists with a strong identity. As an illustrator he is a concept artist and character designer for comics, role-playing games and video games.
The images featured here can vary deeply in terms of technique but one can feel the same underlaying message that may be a certain sense of fragility. Even though, the most important thing to Rossbach remains in his ability to stay alert, joyful and inquisitive.
Jean-Sebastien Rossbach lives in Paris, France with his wonderful wife french/polish artist Agata also known as Myshka.



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