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Anne Geddes

Anne Geddes

Información de la Wikipedia.

Anne Geddes (born September 1956) is an Australian-born photographer, clothing designer and businesswoman who now lives and works in New Zealand. She is well-known for her stylised depictions of babies and motherhood.
In most of her work, babies and/or young children are dressed as fictitious characters such as fairies and fairytale creatures, flowers, or animals like bunnies in the Chrysler building.
Her work is extremely idealized; babies in her photographs are almost always sleeping or staring blankly into space, as if still in the womb. She has been very successful; her books have been published in at least fifty countries. According to she has sold more than 11 million books and 15 million calendars.
In 1997 Geddes was awarded a Lifetime Membership in the Professional Photographers of America and an Honorary Fellowship with the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers (NZIPP). Geddes was also appointed a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2004.
In 2004, Geddes collaborated with Canadian singer Céline Dion. The project, called Miracle: A Celebration of New Life, is a combination of music and photos revolving around the themes of new life and babies.
In 2004 and June 2005, the French postal service, La Poste, used four of her photographs for postage stamps. They illustrated the series "C'est une fille - C'est un garçon" ("It's a girl — It's a boy"). In 2007, her images were introduced for use on the American postage product known as PhotoStamps.
Anne and Kel Geddes, both born and raised in Queensland, Australia, have been married since 1983. They have four daughters (two, from Kel's first marriage, are grown).



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