Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Anthony Guerra

Anthony Guerra

Anthony Guerra grew up in El Paso, TX and he went on to attend High School in Las Cruces, NM. He began his art education at an early age. Although a very good writer, Anthony Guerra remembers being able to get through his senior year English class by painting a mural on the teacher's wall, "It was awesome. I'd paint away and every once in a while I'd look back to see everyone in my class taking a test on "Romeo and Juliet" or having to do worksheets on sentence structure. I was much happier doing a mural of St. George and the Dragon.
"Soon after graduating from Mayfield High School in 1988, he went on to attend college at the American College for the Applied Arts in Atlanta, Georgia. "I had a ton of favorite classes at ACAA. It was my first experience with using acrylics through the airbrush and I found out so much about the importance of color and composition. The two of which I feel are the most important aspects of art. Bad color can blind you and bad composition can turn you away from a painting quickly."
In 1993, he went on to attend The Art Institute of Houston and in December 1994, he went on to graduate with a 4.0 GPA. "I was obsessed with art while I was at AIH. I worked extremely hard and spared no expense. Although I don't do it very much now because of the archival qualities of the medium, I particularly like working with markers. So many colors and so many directions to go. I remember when I registered at AIH, all students were given a red, yellow, blue, and black marker. We were expected to blend with these colors to achieve every color in the rainbow. Hardy Har! A big joke as far as I was concerned. I was pretty darn broke and it didn't matter. If I needed the color green, I went and bought every green marker that I could get my hands on."
On graduation night he was hired by a children's educational book company called Rock 'N Learn to illustrate their books. He went on to work for them for five years and left to start a career as a freelance illustrator and fine artist. "I felt that my projects away from Rock 'N Learn weren't benefiting them so it was the best decision. I felt a need to get deeper with my thoughts and sometimes when you do work for a client you don't have that creativity outlet you would have if you were working on something that belonged in a gallery."
Since leaving he has continued his relationship with Rock 'N Learn and to this day he still helps them with various projects such as covers and ad work.
His fine art has been displayed and is currently being displayed in various galleries in Houston, TX and Cancun, Mexico.
He has just completed work on his 2004 Happy Girl Calendar and is currently working on the 2005 calendar. "I wanted to start my pinup career off with a bang this year and the 2005 calendar is definitely pushing me to new areas as far as pinup is concerned. The 2005 calendar will be completely different."
Anthony's pinups are sure to be seen all over the world. They will not only be appearing in a calendar but also on the front of airplanes at air shows and various other venues. Look for his Bomber Girls coming soon.



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