Monday, October 24, 2005

Igor Laptev

Igor L.

"My name is Igor Laptev and I am a Canadian photographer based in Toronto, Ontario. My parents from childhood taught me to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of wild places. This passion for wilderness has led me to specialize in landscape and nature photography.

Like many aspiring professional nature photographers I have a secure full time job, but for more than 4 years my full time passion has been nature photography. Regular forays to wild places provide me with a healing balance to my daily life. My nature and landscape photography has developed from my love for the adventure. It has become a natural part of my desire to live and experience the natural world, and provides me with the means by which I may better share my experiences with those who are unable to escape as often as they would like. The challenge of creating unique images of nature and landscapes through photography has become my very personal way of experiencing the wonders of nature. I am especially grateful to be able to share my favorite photographs with people who love, respect and depend on nature to enhance their lives as I do.

A few of my publication credits include: ProPhoto Magazine, Digital Photographer Magazine, The AVA Guide to Outdoor Photography."



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