Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bryon Paul McCartney

Byron Paul McCartney
Byron Paul McCartney

Byron Paul McCartney

Bryon Paul McCartney is an American photographer living in Switzerland (near Zurich) since August 2000. Although he enjoyed a successful 12 year career in graphic design and brand consulting, he eventually changed his profession to photography to pursue his passion for creating fashion and fine art images.

Since establishing his own photography studio in December 2003, McCartney has enjoyed working with both private and commercial clients on fashion, beauty and portrait assignments. However, it is his passion for nudes that has earned the attention, including a 2004 1st Place for Fine Art Nudes and Best of Show recognition from the International Photography Association, publication is several magazines, and successful gallery exhibitions in Switzerland and the U.S.

McCartney is also a frequent writer and contributor for The New Nude magazine.



Blogger Reham said...

how can i get byron paul mccartney's work, i cant find any books or digital photos, i specifically fell in love with "anguish" and i want it high resolution

1:57 AM  

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