Monday, November 06, 2006

Eric Bailey

Eric BaileyEric Bailey
Eric Bailey

Eric Bailey is an oil painter who lives in Los Angeles, CA. His poignant images of transcendence from a fleeting and gritty mortal world have drawn critical acclaim at exhibitions throughout the west coast, in global print, and web publications. Influenced by a diversity of elements including Russian painter Nicholai Fetchin, graphic designers All Your Prey, Urban Glamour photography, skateboarding, graffiti, and classical art, Eric's concept-rich and visually stunning work often depicts a world where spirits ride the ledge between glory and destruction. Using a method of oil painting dubbed "alla prima" (‘at first’), he captures these raw, imaginative spirits through very little editing of his first application of paints. Coupling this method with intense color combinations and his skill in both tight and loose brushstrokes, Eric's compositions pay respect to the primal forces of nature, and to humanity's inherent dreams of flight.



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