Friday, November 10, 2006

Fiona Wylie

Fiona Wylie
Fiona Wylie

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Fiona Wylie is an illustrator whose forward-thinking aesthetic has brought her international recognition. Born in Oxford, 1977, Fiona has been developing her unique style since she first was able to hold a pencil. By the age of 12 she was producing 3 animations per series for the seminal BBC children’s art show Hartbeat.
Fiona presents the mundane on an elevated and sublime level, portraying the most ordinary of objects in a mysterious and intriguing manner. Her work has a romantic, often erotic, current running through each linear description. What was once familiar is given the impressiveness of the unfamiliar. Fiona’s strong compositions and careful use of colour combined with simple but exciting imagery has ensured she is very much in demand across a broad spectrum of media.
Recent clients have included:Harvey Nichols Magazine, London Fashion Week, (featured on, Sharon Dowsett, Hint Magazine (, The Observer, Jack Magazine & Heinz.
Fiona is a graduate of Leeds Metropolitan University and holds a degree in Graphic Art & Design, specialising in Illustration.Fiona's London agent is Debut Art.



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