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Linda Bergkvist

Linda Bergkvist
Linda Bergkvist

Información de la Wikipedia

Linda Bergkvist (b. September 5, 1977 Umeå, Sweden) is a Swedish illustrator and digital artist. Over the years, Linda has become an international star of fantasy art. Her work has inspired numerous young viewers to become artists and to order a a Graphics tablet and start painting fantasy art involving men and women.
Linda uses the nickname Enayla on several internet art communities. Her style of work is described as being digital fantasy which is very realistic but not photo-realistic as she has a gift to make the characters she paints look believable in a different world that is beyond what a camera can achieve. Her style is well known for her attention to detail (eg where to put focus and where to leave blurred), intricate clothing, pattern designs and colour schemes especially in her recent works.
Linda likes illustrating dark fairytales, especially things which are unnatural and unreal. She illustrates stories and started writing since she was 16 and now almost 15 years in the making, maybe she will have it ready for the world to see soon as a book. [1] On the DeviantART community, her userpage has over 1,000,000 pageviews.[2].
One of her most popular works is Nightly Forests (2002), a digital painting showing a mythical female character with wings in front of a large moon in the middle of a forest where there are shapes of figures in the trees. She is described as being the daughter of Eyzaathe, another character. It was given the "Daily Deviation" award on 18 April 2005, and as of January 2006 was the sixth most favourited work on the entire site. [1] It has also received 20,000 views on art site gfxartist. [2]
Her highest rated work on gfxartist is The melody of your demise (2003), a digital painting of the characters Mehach and Ereyon; which shows Mehach playing a harp in moonlight with the ghost of Ereyon after she has killed him due to her supernatural powers. It has received more that 85,000 views and 3500 "points" making it the highest rated artwork in the entire site as listed here as of January 2006.
She was one of four artists featured in the book "d’artiste: Digital Painting". She won two Expose 1 awards; for a character in repose and for a character in action.
Her most recent publicly shown work was featured on the cover of a new magazine called "ImagineFx" (The painting is called "My Lady") in August 2006. The magazine featured a detailed interview, thoughts, notes, tips and a workshop (with high res PSD files and brushes and program demos) to teach how to paint a "believable figure" in Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter with a Wacom tablet.
She has also finished doing some work for a upcoming movie called "Golden Compass" that will be out in 2007.



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