Monday, March 26, 2007

Urko Suaya

Urko Suaya

Urko Suaya has built a reputation mainly as a photographer of fashion an advertising in latin America. His clients involve a long lis of international an Argentine brands and firms. Among tem, he has done several campaignsfor Dior, Telecom, Domecq, Coca-Cola, Revlon, Parmalat, Sanyo, Unilever, Camel, Trosman, Kenzo, Cat, Levis, Chocolate, Paruolo, Vitamina, Awada, Ripley, Churba and Nike. He also works for the larges international advertising agenciens.

Suaya spends as much time as he can ins home in the hipstter neighbourhood of Palermo in Buenos Aires with his wife and his dog. Nevertheless, his bags are always ready to leave for the next shoooting location, wherever in the world this may take him. He is represented in Barcelona by Gianfranco Meza, in Singapore by Serene Chiu, in Mexico by Joanna Schatz and in Argentina by Geraldine Castro, so chances are that he is often hired abroad. His work has been published in magazines like Elle, GQ, PEN, Woman, Superlab, Wipe and Loft, and in every quality fashion magazine in Argentina.

He has edited two books, "pocket" and "pocket2", that compile some of his backstage pictures,
laid back models getting ready for action, a glimpse of a trip, and other snapshots unavoidablefor an inborn Photographer's eye.

His personal work has been exhibited in Argentine Museums and Showrooms such as Palais de Glace, Centro Cultural Recoleta, CAYC, ICI, Fundación PROA and Hipodromo Argentino de Palermo, among others.



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