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Bryten Goss

Bryten Goss

Bryten Goss

Bryten Goss on being an artist in Los Angeles instead of Paris or New York." Bryten Goss was born in Los Angeles in 1976 and died in October 2006, he was 30 years old.
His ability to paint first emerged when he five and the significance of that early period was not lost on those who recognized his true potential, especially his mother. Understandably, Goss began searching for his true vocation in his early teens, ultimately deciding to follow his first true love--painting. A self-taught painter, Goss traveled the world at seventeen in search of the impressionistic material in which he first became recognized by his many patrons.
As he advanced, he studied the female form, and considered himself a figurist painter. That is until he painted the Triumph of Death series, which led to yet another turn in his work, city scapes, burning cities and buildings. Then he started painting images not like anything before, "Alex Riding a Pig," "The Little Pope," "The Blind Leading the Blind." The progression led to his most powerful work yet, "Women Riding Pigs." Some of his many collectors are: Nicolas Cage, Kevin Smith, Jason Lee, Nick Nolte, Joey Pantoliano, Wynona Rider, Giovanni Ribisi, Danny Masterson, Laura Prepon, Chris Masterson, Jenna Elfman, and others. Goss' career began with privately funded shows in 1993, with annual exhibitions. In 2001 InStyle Magazine hosted a red carpet affair at Quixote Studios in Hollywood, California, attended by many of Hollywood's elite. With 34 pieces on show that evening the exhibition sold out and garnered a great deal of well-deserved publicity for the prolific young artist. Goss was an integral part of a group show held in October 2002 at the “Downtown Independent Gallery” at 811 Traction. The show featured Goss, world-renowned artist, Gottfried Helnwein, and two other painters, Patrick Morrison and the now late Miguel Arguello. In the summer of 2003, Goss was part of the ever-popular artists’ festival, “Scope-Art Los Angeles” which was held in the Standard Hotel downtown Los Angeles.
Goss began walking on yet another journey one which only the old masters have walked--etching. He researched the etching techniques favored by the old masters; thus finding another medium in which to produce his messages. Goss took on a year-long commission of “Women Riding Pigs,” 25’X6’, oil on linen, for wealthy patron Roberto Santos of Mexico. After having personally delivered that piece in September 2006 in Mexico, Goss fell ill. He returned home to continue his work, preparing for his NYC Exhibition, and his health turned for the worse. Pneumonia, complicated by a virus which attacked his heart, Bryten Goss passed away from heart failure on October 26th, 2006.



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My Nephew indeed was a very talented Painter.His Mother was youngest of my 11 Siblings.We miss them both.John C,Harmon

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