Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sam Haskins

Información de OCAIW (Orazlo Centaro's Art Images on te Web).

Sam Haskins born in Johannesburg (South African) in 1926, moves to London in 1947 where he attends a photography school. In 1950 returns to Johannesburg opening a photography studio specializing in advertising. Back to London in 1968, after many moves, he inaugurates a photography studio.
His most important photo publications are "Five Girls", "Cowboy Kate", "November Girl", "African Image", "Sam Haskins in Bologna", and "Haskins Posters".
In Sam Haskins's female nudes, one can sense the careful and detailed professionalism of a still life photographer. He closely follows changes in fashion and new trends, writing: "After all, the public acceptance must be the main stimulus for any artist."
The black and white nudes present in "Cowboy Kate” are splendid: granulated details, deep blacks, odd cuts give a very high quality print. His photo assemblies are wonderful: the face of a model inside an apple, a tiny nude woman inserted within an unreal landscape of minerals, besides many others.
His most recent colour works are indescribably beautiful.



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