Friday, May 18, 2007

Jinnine Pak

 “Jinnine “Jinnine

Jinnine Pak

Fotógrafa norteamericana que vive y trabaja en Nueva York.

"In 2004, I worked on a portrait series of women. These women were strangers before photographing them for this series. They responded to my online posting calling for females of all types to participate. Each was photographed in their bedrooms in natural and/or ambient light. This project provided the opportunity to meet women of many different backgrounds and to capture a part of their lives. My camera was a passport to enter places I might never have otherwise. The process was an immersion into a woman's life and molding it to make it my own. They are depictions of how I want the women to look - with a sentimental mood and intimacy, both diffident and confident. Her disposition, space, objects, clothing, makeup, and colors were used to create a milieu of sexuality, wonder, hope, nostalgia, loneliness, independence, resignation, intent, anxiety, and peace. The women are sharing a secret: I want them to be cherished, and then let go."



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