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Información de Model Mayhem

"I live for pinups. I'm Vinylya, (the correct pronunciation isVEE-NEE-LEAH), Italian born professional pinup artist that chose this fancy sobriquetas a little tribute to delicious bizarre fashions, with the intention ofpossibly giving a quick, representative idea of what sort of quality, flavour and sexiness will imbue my pinup work.
I've been drawing andinterpreting the female form ever since I can remember, my childhoodalbums were graced by my colourful mermaids and faerie tales inspiredgirls... It was during the late 1990's though, that I became veryinvolved in the PIN UP phenomenon.
I have had many inspirations but the biggest have come from my eager interest in fetish paraphernalia, Bettie Page, vintage magazines, and the masters of bizarre art.
I think it's all shown in my artwork? *Wink!* On those days, I begun getting my hands into creating pinups of many favorite women: spicy femmes such as Dita Von Teese, Mistress Persephone, Jami Deadly, etc. and I opened my ownsite in 2002! Ever since my art has been described as "sexy but obscure at the same time, it is something like halloween meetsbombshell" and if you're a fan of spooky, trashy, noir, bondage-y, exhibitionist femme fatales, you will love my work! Strong and genuineinspiration makes the basis to the totality of my art creations. Iregard inspiration as a rushing stream of energy which needs to pourout. That's why I have to draw! And there are always sassy models, orideal dames I want to portray... When there will no longer be much left to do with drawing these pinups..."



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