Friday, May 07, 2004

Dellacroix & Dellfina

Dellacroix & Dellfina

Thomas Dellacroix (Stockholm, Sweden, 1953 - )
Agnieszka Dellfina (Warsaw, Poland, 1974 - )
Agnieszka Dellfina and Thomas Dellacroix are two artists working and living together. They combined Thomas’s interest for history with Agnieszka’s fascination with human nature. Their joint projects deal with subjects like fame, image, commercialism world conflicts and mass media. By re-enacting different personalities and historical events they created their own Utopian world, where they balance on the thin border between reality and illusion.
They have been exhibiting all over Europe, and have attracted the attention of many art connoisseurs, curators, newspapers, magazines and TV channels.
They are pioneers of a still largely-unknown LENTICULAR technique (prismatic, optically moving images), achieving astonishing results.
Their photography-based lenticular works are rapidly rising in price on the international market, selling for up to 5000 euro in contemporary art auctions.
They belong to the group of contemporary artists working for peace. Their anti-war exhibit was inaugurated at the Kowasa Gallery, Barcelona -March 2003. Some of these images are now featured in several books including: "Designs of dissent" and "Peace Signs." This book has received the prize "Premio Ciutat de Barcelona de Diseño 2003."
The artists have worked for the benefit of many human rights organizations including: Amnesty International, Red Cross, World Childhood Foundation, The International Research Foundation for Children’s Eye care, Smiley World Association, and Bris – Children’s Right in Society.



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