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rox’pixx is a portfolio website of rox, freelance graphic artist/illustrator currently residing in Paris.

Información de la Saatchi Gallery.

She was born in Taiwan and raised in the states/Europe through out her academic years. After being dragged everywhere & picking up 3 languages along the way, she decided to move to London to finish her studies and graduated with a BA degrees in Multimedia Arts in 2004, which formed part of the fundament in her profession as a Graphic Artist. While in London she went into the field of web design for a while, but later found out that she wanted to be more involved with vector illustrations, & it was also a better appeal than using Windows Paint when she started to use from an early age with pixel based drawings. Her character drawings are influences from her city experiences & her imaginary world of "moon face" people.
Today Rox is working as a freelance illustrator in Paris since 2005. Her artworks can be seen featured in various magazines such as Digit, Computer Arts, Disorder, Trax, and also as an album art with Wagram Records. She works with the artist management agency Creative Syndicate in Paris, & has done exposition for them with TBWA in France.



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