Monday, July 10, 2006

Christopher Voelker

Christopher Voelker
Christopher Voelker

Fotografo norteamericano que tiene su estudio en Northridge (California).

Photography to me has become a life style that has brought me a great deal of personal satisfaction and contentment. My pictures have been instrumental in my growth as a human being. From photographing the famous, to a 78 year-old woman from Hong Kong who recited poetry to me during a recent session. I fondly remember Mick Fleetwood telling me stories of seeing Jimi Hendrix at a small club called " The Bag of Nails" in the early 60’s. My passion for the dramatic potential of movie lights (George Hurrell is my hero), to the spontaneity of working with studio strobe that captures the excitement of the moment. From network gallery sessions to album covers to intimate portraits, I have spent the last 15-years in the studio getting to know people visually. I have become a photographer of humans.



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