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Laurent Elie Badessi

Laurent Elie Badessi

Laurent Elie Badessi was born in France into a family of photographers three generations. Growing up in this environment allowed him to explore and aprpreciate the art and techniques of photography at an early age.

After studying Communication and Photography, he wrote a M.A. thesis entitled “Ethnological Fashion Photography” at the University of Paris VIII.

Using the technique of “Negotiated Photography” he spent several months in Niger, Africa taking photographs of the indigenous tribes. For this project he was awarded first prize in the 1988 Fuji Color, VSD, France-Inter Advernture Grant and won in 2004 the nomination for the Humanity Photo Award in China.

Laurent Elie Badessi started his professional career as a Fashion Photographer in Paris and abroad, before moving to New York in 1995 where he concentrated his work on his fine art photography and special projects for luxury brands.

“SKIN”, a book of his images on the human form in harmony with nature, was internationally released in 2000 by Edition Stemmle/Abbeville Press.

Sondra Gilman, Founder and Ex-Chairperson of the Department of Photography at the Whitney Museum wrote the introduction of the book and world famous personalities and artists like Andres Serrano, Susan Sontag, Larry Rivers, Anne Rice, Antoni Tàpies, Pedro Almodóvar, César, Peter Beard, Merce Cunningham, Karl Lagerfeld, Philip Glass, Paco Rabanne, Marcel Marceau, Pierre Cardin, John Waters, Robert Wilson, dedicated a personal quote to accompany the photographs.

Laurent Elie Badessi’s images have appeared in prestigious magazines and are part of highly regarded private and public collections. He has received in 1996 a Grant from the French Ministry of Culture for his Paris exhibition “Metamorphoses”.

Several solo exhibitions of his work have been taking place in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, Milan, Rome, Florence, Paris, Barcelona, Dubai and Monaco.



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