Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Luther Gerlach

Luther Gerlach
 Luther Gerlach
Luther Gerlach

Luther Gerlach could be considered a true plein air photographer: he shoots with vintage lenses and large-format cameras and creates glass-plate negatives with the wet-collodion process on location.

Using antique cameras he restores himself, and a wet-plate photographic process dating from 1851, Luther is completely immersed in this compelling method of vintage process. Gerlach says, “Quite often I feel as if my soul is in the past and my mind is in the future.” His ability to combine past and present becomes even more evident as he transports glass-plate film, restored cameras, lenses, precious metals and solutions to each photo location via his converted van. His unique use of the wet-plate process, combined with his contemporary style and provocative subject matter has propelled his work on the covers and featured editorial in respected publications, such as; View Camera, Celebrated Living,Shutterbug, and Montecito Journal to mention a few.

The pictorial photographers of the 1890s through 1920s worked to understand the meaning of line and light in order to use these elements as letters of an alphabet to write poems of their dreams and ideas. I find myself allied to these photographers in an effort to accomplish the same goal. I strive to return to the art of not just selection, but of translation and the creation of visual music. By reducing subjects to their essence, and using the journey of process required to produce them, I create photographs that reflect an emotional state. This journey of process involves the use of large format cameras (8x10 through 30x40 inch) and lenses dating from 1850 to 1940, which I have been collecting and restoring for many years.



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