Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Natalia Fabia

Natalia Fabia

Artirta norteamericana nacida en Burbank, California en 1983.

The art of Natalia Fabia is academic and painterly, yet new-age and narrative. She collages many things into her work, such as old 50’s wallpaper, beer and liquor labels, old punk flyers, jewels and anything she finds on the street or in her studio. Her paintings are very colorful and lively and there are always hidden treasures to find in their backgrounds. Natalia Fabia is of Polish decent, even though her name is Italian. Her best friend in the world is her father Andrew Fabia, also an artist and reproduces antiques. Natalia loves to paint people and is influenced by colors, punk rock music, hot chicks and anything that sparkles. Her fascination with hookers ( of all kinds) is what fuels the many paintings she does of sultry women in surroundings and alone. She is influenced by artists like Toulose Latrec, Degas, Sargant, and Steve Assael. Favors doing gallery work and portraiture but also does design work and illustration. She also has a company called Siamese Hooker with her partner, artist/designer Alison Casson. Siamese Hooker is a clothing, jewelery line and many other things it is sold on line and at some stores.
Natalia Fabia reveals the world behind closed doors. Her work possesses a vibrancy that is erotic and enticing in nature, while maintaining a delicate semblance of charm and femininity that lends itself to an endearing quality.
Having attended Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design, Natalia Fabia’s skill, talent and ability are clearly evident through her colorful portrayals of friends and real-life events. Natalia often times chooses to depict boudoir beauties, or “hookers” as she calls them, in a secret setting a la night time cabaret. Her work incorporates elements of peeping toms and bedroom voyeurism, complimented by a menagerie of glitter, lace, punk rock keepsakes and thrift store detritus.To witness the emergence of Natalia Fabia is, and will continue to be exciting, electric and memorable.



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