Friday, July 09, 2004

Brian Nelson

Brian Nelson

Fotógrafo norteamericano que tiene su estudio en la ciudad de San Diego.

"So I'm sitting here looking at the HTML trying to figure out what anyone would want to know that can't be seen in the photographs or read in the essays on the site. I sign everything as "Don" so I imagine there's some curiosity about the stuffy "D. Brian" business. I got to the web when it was still relatively young and didn't know what repercussions, if any, there could be to using my real name. So I used a variation on my legal name "Donley Brian Nelson."
Let's see. Photo background. Back in the mid-80's the wife suggested I do something artsy, as my left-brain engineering work probably needed counterbalancing. I studied commercial photography at City College in San Diego. Before getting the AA they offered I was shooting professionally, full-time. Hated it. Quit completely after a few years. Came back several years later to photograph only what I want. Which is what I do now.
So I shoot what I like (mostly beautiful women) and once in awhile some art buyer comes along and buys some of my pictures. Those buyers have included Reader's Digest, Stern (the German picture weekly), (NotOnly)Black+White (the really cool Australian art/fashion/photo mag), Nerve.Com and several other foreign and local magazines, a couple of photo anthology books, a modeling guide and stuff like that. I also covered nightlife as a freelancer for The San Diego Union-Tribune website, "SignOnSanDiego.Com" for about four years. My portfolio's been called in overnight a few times to major ad agencies, but it's just as well it got rejected, as I'm not real keen on shooting assignment just yet anyway - maybe after I retire from aerospace..."



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