Monday, July 05, 2004

Erick D. Panavières

Erick D. Panavières

"My name is Erick D. Panavières (aka EdP). I was born in Bordeaux in south-west of France, in 1972.
I began doing graphic arts in 1998 without any formation nor doing any art school.
My work is based on mutation and body modification.
My pleasure to create characters and ambiances comes from differents influences such a photo, painting, graphism, and even architecture and music.
I work on scanned pictures which I modify on computer with different tools and technics.
Some are printed in large size for exhibitions.
I'm also doing the frames with wood, steel, brass...
But most of my work is used as illustrations in magazines, newspapers, or websites.
Apart from illustration, my w ork focuses on animation for theatre, fashion, clubs..."



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