Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Carrie Craber

Carrie Graber

Información de la Peabody Fine Art Gallery.

Inspired by her graphic designer father, Carrie Graber began her creative career early. The renowned Art Center in Pasadena offered her a scholarship in recognition of her promising talent and was not disappointed: after studying under such figures as Burne Hogarth, Harry Carmean, and Richard Bunkall, Graber graduated with the highest honor of distinction. Now at the young age of 29, she has accumulated numerous prestigious accolades and awards for her stunning oils on canvas.
Graber focuses on capturing the beauty and subtlety of an ordinary setting. Her compositions are filled with dramatic environmental light and shadow, reminiscent of one of her influences, the Dutch master Vermeer. Her warm and realistically rendered interiors are populated by young women going about their daily rituals: putting on heels, quietly enjoying a favorite beverage, sitting down to a meal. The contemplative mood leaves the viewer with a sense of privilege at having witnessed such personal and private scenes. Focusing on an often overlooked subject, Graber's soft yet bold approach warms the viewers' senses.
The artist currently resides in southern California.



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