Monday, February 19, 2007

Enric Aromi

Enric Aromi

Información de Saatchi-Gallery

Painter, Sculptor, Photographer, Architect, Lawyer, Chemist and Writer.Exhibits in Barcelona, Paris, New York, Viena, Seattle, Chicago, Miami.Two books like photographer and one book like Painter. Now he lives in his 1000 sq. meters Own designed building made like Studio and residence closer to Barcelona.
Born in 1955 in Barcelona.Thanks to his CI upper than 130, Starts to draw and Paint at 7 Years Old and working like fashion photographer at 14 Years Old, his first exhibition in a Gallery like painter was at 16 Years Old in Barcelona and Sold out.
Now after 30 investigation and Study Years in 2000's he discover a new technique for mix the photo chemical gelatine from any photo prints with any painting media, and Starts to use it for faight against the injustice in the Wordl with sbliminal messages inside his Art works.
Working with a new bokk will be ready in 2010 and the next shows wil be:
April 2017 Boca Raton Miami
November 2007 Shanghai
February 2008 Abu-Dabhi
March 2008 - Barcelona



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