Monday, February 12, 2007

Reka Nyari

Reka Nyari

The half-Finnish, half-Hungarian photographer Reka Nyari was born in Helsinki in 1979. Her love for the Fine Arts drew her to the School of Visual Arts in NYC, where she majored in Painting, creating large, hyper realistic oil paintings. After graduating, she travelled a few years across Europe and Asia, and then found herself back in New York making her living in the Nightlife Industry.

Her interest in Photography started at this time. In the early hours of the morning after getting off work, finding herself in need of an outlet to express her creativity, she started a black and white series called “The Late Night Sessions”. Using a little point-and-shoot camera, she documented herself, night after night in an attempt to capture her changing moods and emotions throughout the year. The photographs were initially meant to be private, a diary in images, but after a year she realized she had found her new passion and profession.



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