Friday, February 09, 2007

René Asmussen

René Asmussen

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He lives in chilly Scandinavia, the homeland of the Vikings (Denmark) in a city called Esbjerg.
He has been an artist photographer for about four years now and loves to work in the darkroom, where most of his photographs become reality. René works with the idea that his photos should be a bit on the "original" side. He says, "It's hard 'cause there are a lot of great artist and photographers in the world, whom I think work with the same idea." René goes on to say, "My inspiration comes mostly from artists like: Giger, Rembrandt, Odd Nedrum, and all the great photographers out there".
He works mostly in the darkroom, but sometime feels the need for color. Then he gets busy hand coloring (water based colors). He also loves to use the computer for his images. As he says, "To give them color and perhaps some grain, corns or noise."
As you review René's excellent graphic renditions, you'll gain a better understanding of this very warm spot in Denmark.
He is danish Photographer, he experiment with all sorts of photography. For him there are no rules on how to make a picture, Its only the final result that counts not how you archieve it. He just follow my instinct and press the button when the "feel" is there.



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