Monday, July 02, 2007

Naomi Harris


Naomi Harris

"Born May 26, 1973 weighing 8 pounds 4 ounces at the Mount Sinai Hospital inToronto, Canada to proud parents Jerry and Diane Harris, the youngest of three children.
It wasn’t until age 3 wher her older brother and sister went away to sleep over camp that she began to speak. She hasn’t stopped talking since.
At age 8 Naomi joined Greenpeace with dreams of being the Rainbow Warrior’s youngest crewmember. Her request to board ship went unanswered but she collected lunch money from schoolmates to help stop the seal hunts in Canada.
At age 14 she was bitten by a monkey at the Bowmanville Zoo. Fortunately she didn’t require rabies shots.
On her 24th birthday she received her acceptance letter from the international Center of Photography into the Documentary Photography program. She moved to New York in August of 1997.
Following the lead of so many of her ancestors, she decided to snowbird to Miami Beach in December of 1999. Here she documented the last hotel of South Beach that catered to senior citizens, and decided to sojourn in Florida for the next two and a half years.
Upon returning to New York in April 2002, she began working on her current project about Swinging in the Suburbs. She has been documenting this phenomenon all over the United States and Taschen Books is publishing her first book dedicated to this topic, hopefully in bookstores by Spring 2008.
When she can find the time to pretend to relax, Naomi likes to sing karaoke and knit."



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