Monday, July 09, 2007

Sabine Villiard


Sabine Villiard was born in 1972 in London, from french parents, and studied for the early part of her life in the UK befote moving to Paris to follow a business and then a literatura degree.
Photography was always a passion for her, as she grew up seeing her father spent most of his spare time with a camera or in a dark room.
She started seriously working on her photography in 1995
She has worked for many different magazines such as Wad, Elle Italy, Glamour germany, Jalouse, Sti, Io donna, Sunday Telegraph, Vanidad, Oyster, Marie Claire France, Luna, Cosmopolitan France, Annabelle, Vogue Pellle…
Sabine co-founded dealer de luxe magazine with Katia Coelho in 2001 and followed the art direction for two years.
Advertising includes: Garnier, Le Printemps, Nivea, Orange, Samaritaine, Coccinelle, Eau Jeune, Swatch, Galeries Lafayette, Ratp, Dim, Marina Yachting, Etam, Princesse Tam Tam, La Poste, TGV, Mennen…



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