Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Elena Kulikova

Elena Kulikova

Información de la Littlebird Gallery.

Elena Kulikova was born in Russia in 1985. Growing up she lived all over eastern Europe, till finally coming to the United States in '95 to settle in San Francisco. She began modeling at the age of 17, and after several years pursued her passion for photography. Her experience as a model/actress, lends great insight & depth into her photographic work; as she has a deep understanding for what it means to 'become' someone else. And that greatly influences how she is able to articulate her vision to her models & subjects she photographs. At the moment, her style of photography is a reflection of who Elena is as a young woman: sensual, honest, and playful. At 21 years old she is still evolving and finding her voice, and her style reflects that, and is changing as well. She now resides in Amsterdam, NL.



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